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Luxury Property For Sale In Istanbul- Everything You Need To Know

Luxury Property For Sale In Istanbul- Everything You Need To Know

When thinking about investing in real estate, then luxury property for sale in Istanbul is there to ensure you profit. With the growth of the market here, you are bound to get your hands on some great venues easily. Bit if it’s your first time, then you may need to gather some general market knowledge beforehand. And that is why we are here.

There are three stages to invest in a real estate market…

  • Choosing the property at a perfect place at a great offer
  • Making sure the property is a safer investment
  • Planning for future profit


Choose an authorised agent to buy luxury property for sale in Istanbul

The first step to get an experienced real estate agent. There are many online sites who demands to be the best in the business, but you need to be cautious. Make sure that you ask them details about the property and ask if they offer an appointment date for physical inspection. A genuine organisation will happily provide you answer for your every queries without ignoring anything.

Inspect the land on your own

After fixating on the price, set a date with the agency to inspect the property. And it is a must have step. Seeing only the pictures and video of luxury property for sale in Istanbul is not enough. You need to check out the property physically. There could be internal damage on the walls or some problems with the amenities. A professional home inspector can look at all these little details for you. It will only cost $200 in exchange to reduce future hassles.

Select a property to compare prices

Price comparison can save you a significant sum of money without any problem. Upon selecting some properties you are interested in, talk to more then one agency and ask for their best offer. The prices can vary from $1000 to little bit more than that. You can also bargain with the owner for lessening the amount more.

Select a proper location

Not just the property but the location should be good too. When you are planning on settling in here, you have to learn if the area surrounding your property is safe. Sometimes, a  top-notch property can come at very cheap cost because of the reputation of the neighbourhood. So, you will have to learn about the neighbourhood before signing the lease. Also look if all the local commodities are available near your place such as, transportation, school, malls etc.

But if you are only planning on investing on the property, then the location demand should be more important for you. There are some high-demand area in Istanbul that are perfect for investment. These areas are known to rise in value every now and then. And if you manage to get a property here, you can surely resale the luxury property for sale in Istanbul at a hefty price.

Ask seller for all the property certificates

When buying property, you need to make sure that it has all the clearance certificate from any kind of governmental issues. Such as, is the property have due tax? Does it has outstanding due? Or of the seller has NOC clearance?

The outstanding due is a critical and an important issue to look after. In Turkey, some lands are owned by the military department and in order to buy those properties, you have to get permission certificate from authorities. Otherwise, you will not be the legal owner of the property.

Every land should have No Objection Certificate. This certificate shows that the land is not due of any tax and the permission to built or own a property under your name.

Hire a lawyer for signing the deeds

Before buying luxury property for sale in Istanbul, you will need to be safe from any legal liabilities. A lawyer can help you in many ways, such as detecting any flaws on the deeds, look out for any loopholes, give you legal advice etc. Even though, your hired realtor can do such tasks for you but because they will be working on behalf of the seller as well, getting your own legal personal is a safer option.

Plan ahead for budget limit

Budget planning is needed especially when investing big. Buying a well-conditioned property is not enough, after that you will have to take proper care of it as well. If you want better returns, you must plan for property tax; plan for decorate, renovate and maintain each room and part of the property.

Apart from having big returns, Turkey is the best place to stay as well. Everything here is well accommodate and easy to get used to. Which is probably why many foreigners have shown interested to live here permanently or temporarily.

Here are the reason why you should live in Istanbul…

Serene environment

The environment is especially why people come here more often than other places. Turkey has all four seasons and each part of the country has different kind of climate here. When you will travel to the Mediterranean region here, you will be blessed with the soothing oceanic climate. The temperature here does not get very hot and even it is does, the houses here are especially built to resist heat.

Modern infrastructure

Because the real estate market is growing quickly, Istanbul is filled with world class infrastructure. From modern edge apartments to newly built villas, everything here is up to the quality. Due to the investment of many foreign investors, the social atmosphere is upgrading rapidly.

Low budget living made easy

If you are used to live at the European regions of the map, then Istanbul will become your favourite place very quickly. Due to the exchange rate, everything here is pretty cost-efficient. So much so, that properties here are also very cheap to buy. A villa of 3 bedroom will be cheaper than an one-bedroom apartment in the US. Apart from that, bills, tax, food, groceries, furniture, decoration cost is also be under your budget. You’ll live king size in almost half the budget you are used to.

Friendly people with mixed cultural heritage

People in Istanbul are very friendly and easy to talk to. Because people from different countries are present here, they are more welcoming towards different religions and beliefs. You will have the easiest time settling in here. Plus, the language is also not a barrier in Istanbul. Most people here are bilingual and can understand a number of language. Soon, you will make acquaintance and friends after moving in.

Good food everywhere

The best thing about Turkey is, you can get almost any kind of cuisine here. So, you won’t have to be worried of not endeavouring your favourite snack again. Again because of the mix cultural background, the food also got influenced by it. Plus, the land of Turkey can grow most type of vegetables too. Thus, you can prepare your favourite meals.

There are plenty of reasons to get a luxury property for sale in Istanbul. From a businessman perspective, the market here is ideal for investment as it ensure of better outcomes. And for residential purposes, Turkey is one of the easiest country to get a permit of. So, basically, you will have a complete platter in front of you.

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