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Is Turkey suitable to invest and live with family?

Is Turkey suitable to invest and live with family?


Is Turkey suitable to invest and live with family?

Who doesn't want to live in the most beautiful country in the world? We are talking about a country where natural resources, nature, 4 seasons live at the same time, a world leader in hospitality, education and health, and most importantly, a lot of investment options. 

Cappadocia Holidays

Yes, we are talking about Turkey! Turkey, which has been continuously developing for centuries and has life forms above European standards, has become the first address of foreign investors. You have many reasons to invest in Turkey. Having high living standards with your family, having your children educated in international schools, unlimited use of health services and, most importantly, living in a safe country, will help you in the decision-making process.

Life in Turkey

It is the most cosmopolitan country in the world. From every religion, every race, every language people live in peace. No matter what the season, you can go swimming in any city, while skiing in another city. Every city is different. 

Invest in turkey

Every season has a meaning. Are these reasons enough to live in Turkey? Especially with property invest in Turkey, you can live happily with your family until the end of your life. We know the idea of living in a different country might be a little difficult. But if this country is Turkey, it will be easier for you to decide. Don't think about how I can make friends there, how I can invest, who can help me. We are here:) WhatsApp: +905498703838 7/24 you can write to us or call us.

Best city to live in Turkey

To tell you the truth, 81 cities of Turkey are also beautiful. Each city has different texture and lifestyle. Even the seasons are different. While you are doing winter sports in Bursa, you can sip cocktail at the seaside in Antalya and enjoy the sea. 

Invest in Istanbul

It depends on what purpose you're asking. For example, we can offer different cities for families with children, investors and businessmen. We recommend the cities of Istanbul, Bursa, Yalova, Trabzon, Alanya and Sapanca. Because you have both options in these cities. You can live a happy life with your family and make a very lucrative property investment in Turkey. If you tell us about your family status and what you want to invest in, we can help you.

Invest in Turkey – Property invest in Turkey

Europe's fastest growing real estate sector is Turkey. Since the construction materials are cheap and quality, the experience of the construction companies in this field and the construction areas are very much, it is the country where international investors are most interested. 

property for sale in istanbul

There are dozens of different investment options in Turkey, from industry to food sector. They are all profitable, of course, but the fastest cash flow is in property investment in Turkey. Last year in 2018, we helped 950 investors who wanted to invest property in Turkey. We've consulted them all to buy any real estate they want. Besides, 675 families decided to live in Turkey and we chose the most ideal living areas for them together.

Invest in Istanbul

 They all continue to live happily. If you want to be one of these happy people, please call us and we will give you a free presentation. We don't offer you money to ask questions. You can even call to chat. We would like to help you. For 25 years, we have been working for the life and investment opportunities of foreign investors and families in Turkey.

Why i should invest property in Turkey?

Don't you want your money to gain value? We think, most of us want this. Investing property in Turkey will be the most profitable investment you will choose. You know why? Let’s us explain: 

  • Turkey is one of the world's most secure and stable countries
  • Property prices in Turkey increase very fast
  • Turkish law always favors foreign investors
  • Interest rates for foreign investors are low
  • You can sell your property quickly when you need urgent cash. Buying and selling real estate in Turkey is very fast
  • Procedures for foreign investors are very easy, trading fees are low, tax rates are favorable
  • Because Turkey's the biggest real estate and consultancy company PROPERTYTR, will support you in all matters. You are not alone!

2019 is the investment year for Turkey. If you want to be among the lucky investors, just call us. Make your first investment in Turkey under PROPERTYTR assurance. Let us offer you the most profitable investment options for you.


Here is one the best project that you can invest in Istanbul, here is the video for that;




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