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In 2018 13.2 Billion US $ Investment of Properties Drew Attention In Turkey

In 2018 13.2 Billion US $ Investment of Properties Drew Attention In Turkey

Turkey is one of the few countries that actually increased direct investments in the last year. Around the globe, direct investments decreased by about 20%. But Turkey's investments increased by 21%. What is the reason behind this? Why is the Turkish trade market is really trusted?
Why do foreigners invest in Turkey?
Turkey real estate market grows every single day because of the interest of investors. People want to invest in Turkey for many different reasons. Investors from all around the world are looking for property for sale in Turkey.

Here are some of the reasons why Turkey is very much loved;


1. Tourist Capacity

Turkey is getting a lot of tourists every single year. The reason for this is that there is a place for anyone in Turkey. Whether you are a very religious person or a very modern person, whether you like to go to a sea vacation or a cultural vacation, everyone can find what they wish to see in Turkey. People can go to Palandoken to ski or they can go to the Konya and visit Rumi. Or they can visit Kapadokya to learn about history or they can go to Marmaris and have a boat tour. The options are infinitive. There are 81 cities in Turkey and every single one of them has multiple tourism opportunities.
A large number of tourists attracted to Turkey because they find something from within themselves in it. Therefore the dynamical loop of tourists keeps the economy alive in Turkey. But tourists are not the only reason behind this success.

2. Qualified Population

Turkey's populations' average age is the second youngest in Europe. And most of the youth are well educated, hardworking and comes from a multicultural background. This helps to keep the business opportunities dynamic. There are 185 universities in Turkey that raise a young population who are aware of what is good for the economy. Young people usually speak more than just Turkish and they educate themselves beyond their university degree.  

3. Geopolitics

Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe. It has easy access to Asia, Europe, and Africa at the same time. Which this gives it a very big advantage of trade ways. Because Turkey has an import-export relationship with many countries this location gives it such great power.

4. Economy

Because of Turkey's economy is not depended on only one thing, it grows easily. Last year nearly 13.2 billion $ was made by investors. Even though the investment levels were dropping foreigners kept investing in Turkey. This shows how reliable Turkey's economy is. Of course, it was also because of the Turkish Government's low taxes and incentive programs. 

All of these reasons cause a large domestic market which continues the cycle of a powerful economy.
These four reasons are the biggest assurance for anyone who is thinking about investing in Turkey. The economy is already strong but it is growing even more. There is more than one way to invest. All you gotta do is determining the best option for you.

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