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Halal Holidays and Travel in Turkey

Halal Holidays and Travel in Turkey


Halal Holidays and Travel in Turkey

As we all know, travel and tourism industry has progressed a lot during 21th. century. As the number of hotels is increasing day by day, it is almost guaranteed that you will find a hotel where your all expectations are met.

And one of those expectations that has become very popular in the last decade is halal travel. A report by MasterCard in 2016 shows that Muslim travel market is growing mercurially thanks to halal travel. It is estimated that 160 million or more Muslims will travel by 2020 and it will keep increasing more after that year. Analysts say that income growth on middle-class Muslims helps them be a part of the halal travel originations. They now have more money than they had before and they can spend this money on halal travel market.

Turkey is one of the most important halal travel countries together with Malaysia. Besides that, Turkey is also Turkey is also a beach destination. Those features of Turkey make it sixth most visited country in the whole world.

Turkish people are culturally harborous. For this feature, every kind of people who has visited to Turkey can feel relaxed and like in their own home. Turkey’s 2023 tourism vision plan includes people from many different cultures and countries. We can easily say that diversity makes Turkey be succeeded on tourism and travel area.

Turkey’s geographical location also makes it important in tourism area. Turkey is very close to most of the Middle Eastern countries. Besides that, Aegean and Mediterranean side of the country is full of beach resorts and the northeast side of Turkey is more like cultural and meets halal travelers’ expectations.


What is Halal Travel?

Halal means that things that are allowed in Islam and halal is opposite of haram which means “not allowed”.  From this point of view, we can say that halal travel is a travel system which has been designed by looking Muslim people’s belief system.

As the tourism industry has progressed, A Muslim person can get experience of halal travel in almost every location. A halal traveler usually is not open to new holiday plans. The perfect holiday is definite for a halal traveler.

Halal Hotels in Turkey

A report which has been published by  the Ankara branch of The Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC,) in 2015 states that there are 140 hotels which is focused on halal travel in Turkey.


Those hotels are generally presenting halal services if requested and they provide services like:

-Halal food services (alcohol and pork are not included)

-Places which are designed only for women (pools, beaches, gyms etc.)

-Quran in rooms.

-Comfortable and pure prayer places.


Turkish government wants to increase services on halal travel. Now, there is not an accreditation agency about halal travel in Turkey. This deprivation does not warrant buyers and vacationers. Because of this problem, Turkish government, in 2017 October, announced that they would constitute an agency so that food producers, establishments could apply and get a certificate.

Until then, halal travelers should trust to hotels about halal offers.


City Breaks in İstanbul: Ajwa Hotel

Ajwa Hotel takes place in Sultanahmet district of Istanbul. It is a must-see place. Ajwa Hotel includes halal food services, a no-alcohol policy, spa centre for only women. Family rooms are also included and you do not have to cover a long distance to see iconic places like Topkapi and Blue Musque.


Cappadocia: SOS Cave Hotel

Sos Cave Hotel takes place in Göreme in Cappadocia. It is said that SOS Cave Hotel is the first halal and cave hotel in this region. Couples should prove that they are married in check-in by showing marriage certificate. Hotel also provides many suits for every budget including honeymoon and family suites.

Sadly, there is no beach in this region and a spa centre and a pool is not included in the hotel.


Beach Halal Holidays in Antalya

Antalya is the best place for halal travelers who desire a beach for their holidays. Antalya is the second most visited touristic city in Turkey. Therefore, Antalya hosts many halal hotels in Alanya, Antalya, Belek, Kemer etc. and The Modern Saraylar is one of those halal hotels.

As it is a family hotel, they do not let single men or a men group stays in the hotel all alone. This hotel offers privacy for women with spa centre and pools. They also offer halal food choices in buffet, room service and restaurant. Moreover, the hotel has a prayer room.


Ideal Halal Holiday Destination Black Sea Region

As it is mentioned, Europeans usually choice to stay in the Aegean and Mediterranean beach resort hotels however the black sea region is full of Muslim travelers nowadays. Muslim travelers, in fact, buy properties in black sea region cities such as Trabzon.

In Northeast of Turkey, there are many options for a halal traveler. Although this side of Turkey rarely has beaches or pools, it offers perfect outdoors waiting to be explored like Uzungol and Ayder plateau. A fauna and a plant cover which you cannot find anywhere else, is also waiting for you.

Thanks to acculturation, Muslims can make themselves at home in Black Sea Region. And this is an important reason of growing popularity of northeast in Turkey.


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