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Everything to know about luxury property for sale in Istanbul

Everything to know about luxury property for sale in Istanbul

Planning to buy luxury property for sale in Istanbul? You have made a smart move!

But do you know how to get through the process? If not, we are here to help you!

Here we have listed the procedure to help you get the best luxury property in Istanbul with ease. Along with that, we have also mentioned the places where you will find the best luxury property for sale in Istanbul.

What is the procedure to buy luxury property for sale in Istanbul?

Property Search: First and foremost, you need to locate the place where you want to buy property for sale in Istanbul. There are many beautiful places and areas to choose from. You should determine our budget and the core reason behind your purchase.

It involves

  • Selecting the place where you want to buy your property.
  • Determining your budget.
  • Getting hold of agents or emlak to help you find the best property according to your requirements.

 Securing the property: You found the property of your dreams, now you must secure it by freezing the property. 

It involves

  • Making a minimum deposit to secure the luxury property for sale in Istanbul and get a receipt in return. The deposit amount varies according to the cost of the property.
  • Getting a bank account in any Turkish Bank to proceede with the payment
  • You will get a Turkish tax ID number which will give you the power of attorney(or whoever is dealing with the property)

Property background check: This is one necessary step which people often overlook

It involves

  • To get an idea bout the property and the surroundings
  • To check whether the seller has signed the contract paper properly.
  • It gives you confirmation that you are the legal owner of the luxury property.

Sales Contract: This contract covers all the transactions that will be made between you and the seller.

It involves

  • Submitting two copies of your passport and your photograph of the person who has his name registered on the property deeds.
  • Your agent or solicitor can have the power of attorney, in case you are ot always available to take care of the transaction.

Military approval: For buying properties in military zones, the Turkish government needs you to ger military clearance before all the necessary procedures.

It involves:

  • Obtaining the title deed and getting it verified by the military clearance
  • It usually takes 4 weeks to receive the approval results.

Title Deed (TAPU) transfer: Once the military approval is cleared, the owner has to get the TAPU to finally own the property.

It involves:

  • Obtaining the title deed from the local registration office.
  • If you have any outstanding dues, you must clear it first to get hold of the property.

 Where can you find the best luxury property for sale in Istanbul?

  1. Kalkan: This low-key area is where you will find luxurious high-end villas Istanbul. The Mediterranean sea facing small beautiful bay with front-facing terrace, pools, the atmosphere- is something to die for! You will fall in love with the beauty and the aura of this area.
  2. Sariyer: This northern suburb, on the shore of Bosphorous, is another place to get luxury properties in Istanbul. Sariyar has some popular neighborhood districts like Tarabya, fashionable Zekeriyokoy, historical mansions, and many more. You will fall in love with the luxury estates in Sariyae with landscaped gardens, top-notch decors, indoor pool, gyms, cafes, and more.
  3. Besiktas: Located on the Bosphorous shore, this area nestles some of the best luxury property for sale in Istanbul. Neighbouring places like Levent, Bebek, Ortakoy, Etiler also offers luxury estate for investors. Besiktas is known as one of the most expensive areas of Istanbul.
  4. Maçka: Another beautiful location to spot luxury properties in Istambul. From beautiful monasteries to national parks to mosques, this location of Istanbul has everything for its investors. You will love the calm and compose atmosphere of this location along with the beautiful luxurious buildings and villas.

These are just a few top-notch locations to find your luxury dream property in Istanbul. Other than these, places like Kadikoy, Gocek, Sovalya, and more offer scintillating luxurious properties with breathtaking views and exclusive lifestyle.

Should you buy the best luxury property for sale near Istanbul?

Without any second thought! Though it may be seem a bit overwhelming at first, but investing in the luxury property for sale in Istanbul is a step forward towards better future and better life.

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