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Enjoy luxury villa for rent in Bodrum

Enjoy luxury villa for rent in Bodrum

Planning to buy luxury villa for rent in Bodrum? Smart move!

If you are a Non-Turkish investor and are looking forward to buying luxury villas in Bodrum, we will take you through the journey by hand.

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Why should you invest in luxury villa for rent in Bodrum?

Following the Bohemian tradition, Bodrum villas have a lot to offer to its investors-their own unique architectural styles, clean whitewashed villas made of stone, and marble with striking views over the sea. Well, even if this not convincing enough, read this..

  • Owning luxury villas in Bodrum, Turkey brings you the freedom to go on brief holidays any time you want.
  • Owning a property in Turkey for over 5 years allows you to get Turkish citizenship-with tax advantages.
  • Luxury villa in Bodrum is nothing more than a profitable investment. Investors who rent their villas receive rental yields as high as 8% per annum.

The reasons are bold enough to convince you to invest in luxury property in Bodrum.

Cost of best luxury villa for rent in Bodrum?

  • The price of the property depends on the location and various amenities and facilities of the property. The more prestigious the location, the higher the cost.
  • On average, when investing in real luxury villas in Bodrum, expect nothing below 300000 Euros. Sometimes you also come across some gems which are priced as little as 100,000 Euros, but they are gulped by smart investors, as soon as they hit the real estate market.
  • Luxury comes with a price-but should be worth it!
  • Whatever may be the case, luxury villas in Bodrum are highly profitable yielding high rental income along with tax benefits. 

Places to buy best luxury villa for rent near Bodrum.

  • Kalkan: This low-key area is where you will find luxurious high-end villas in Bordum. The Mediterranean sea facing the small beautiful bay with front-facing terrace, pools, the atmosphere- is something to die for!
  • Turkbuku: Here you will get some exclusive villas and properties for rent. Along with exclusive villas, here investors enjoy private boating facilities and beaches and many other amenities.
  • Sariyer: This northern suburb, on the shore of Bosphorus, is another place to get luxury properties in Bodrum. You will fall in love with the luxury villas in Sariyar with landscaped gardens, top-notch decors, indoor pool, gyms, cafes, and more.
  • Besiktas: Located on the Bosphorous shore, this area nestles some of the best luxury villa for rent in Bodrum. Neighbouring places like Levent, Bebek, Ortakoy, Etiler also offers luxury estate for investors. Besiktas is known as one of the most expensive areas in Istanbul.
  • Yalikavak: Also known as the crown jewel of Bodrum, here you will find top-notch villas for rent.

How to buy the best luxury villa near Bodrum?

1. Through an Emlak: These people are real estate agents that keep Turkey’s housing market ticking. You get plenty of options to choose from.

2. Directly from the owner: This is one of the easiest and safest ways to find the best luxury villa for rent in Bodrum. Though it is safe without incurring an extra commission cost, the options are limited.

3. Through agencies: You can directly contact premium real estate agencies and they will provide all the information you require.

Final words

Buying luxury villa for rent in Bodrum is a big step towards an amazing lifestyle. Whether you are buying it as a buy to let in property or a holiday home, Bodrum, Turkey has a lot to offer to its investors.

Foreign expats and wealthy Turkish citizens are taking full advantage of luxury villas in Bodrum and pocketing all the exclusive ones. What are you waiting for?

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