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Bodrum – The Popular Turkish Property Destination

Bodrum – The Popular Turkish Property Destination

Turkish Riviera continues to be a popular destination for those looking for Turkey
property. Bodrum is quickly gaining attention as it becomes more of an international hotspot.
While Istanbul has been attracting foreigners due to its central location and prestigious
lifestyle, many can only dream about living. Bodrum provides something different: fresh air and
stunning beach view not typically found on this side of the country. The rising popularity of
Bodrum brings with it new opportunities for real estate developers


What Makes Bodrum A Good Place For Investment?

Few places in the world can offer such a rich blend of modern comforts and historic charm.
Lying on the sun-drenched shores of Turkey’s Aegean coast, Bodrum is both ancient histories at
its most tangible with cobblestone streets and traditional Turkish architecture mixed with upto-date malls featuring designer brands from around the globe like Cartier or Armani. When
people refer to “Bodrum,” they often mean both towns themselves as well as many
surrounding seaside resorts- each distinctly different yet equally enchanting. If you are looking
for turkish nationality, real estate investment is an easy option.

What Makes Bodrum A Good Place For Investment?
Bodrum, a Turkish port town on the country’s southwestern coast, has been drawing in
celebrities and overseas property investors for years. Some assume you need to be part of an
elite club to own your very own villa or apartment there, but fortunately, this is not true! There
are many affordable options now available, so it’s time to book an escape before all these great
deals run out.

Popular Locations For Real Estate Investment In Bodrum

• Yalikavak- The Queen of Bodrum, Yalikavak is now a must-see destination for investors
and travelers alike. Boasting the popular Palmarina in addition to world-class
restaurants, shopping options, bars, and entertainment venues, there’s nowhere else
quite like it.

It is the perfect location for those who want to live their life in luxury, and Yalikavak is the place
they will happily sign away seven-figure sums of money. For those less fortunate but still
wanting that taste of luxury, there are plenty of affordable properties. It also has apartments
for sale.

Bodrum Yalıkavak

• Gumusluk- Gumusluk is the smaller, more laid-back cousin of Yalikavak. It has villas with
beautiful views and perfect pools for those looking to live in a relaxed environment
without pretense. The majority of properties here are modern builds made with easy
living in mind, so there’s no need to feel like you’re being overcharged when purchasing
your new home!

• Gundogan- There’s no shortage of options in the Turkish Riviera. Those looking for a
more relaxed lifestyle can find it on the coast at Gundogan, while those that want to live
out their fantasies by spending most of their time behind closed doors will love
Turkbuku and its extravagant villas!

Why Invest In Bodrum?

Bodrum attracts international investors for several reasons. They are as follows:

Regular International Flights – A beautiful Mediterranean gem, Bodrum attracts a lot of
attention from European property investors and holiday-makers. Thanks to its
connection with regular flights to Kuwait, Katar, Dubai, and London and Greece being
just one hour away by boat or plane, it also has easy international access. It can be an
alternative to the property Istanbul.

Bodrum Hosts Turkey’s Mega Yacht Marina- Home to Turkey’s first mega-yacht marina,
Yalikavak Marina is the country’s newest port of call. Boasting 620 berths for yachts up
to 135 meters in length offers easy access both near and far- close-by islands like Kos or
Mykonos are a short sail away. It is one of the main attractions for the uber-rich tourists
from Arab and the rest of the world.

Excellent Living Facilities– Life in Bodrum is incredible; it’s no wonder so many
foreigners have chosen to settle down here. Countless shops are catering to your every
need, and you can’t beat that delicious organic produce! If living the easy life isn’t
enough for you, there’s also excellent healthcare available if retirement sounds like a
good idea. If you are looking to buy apartment in Turkey, Bodrum is a great choice.

Bodrum Property

A Wide Choice Of Property– While the likes of Yalikavak and Turkbuku are great for
buyers looking to spend a little more on their investment properties, there is no need
for investors with tighter budgets to feel left out. Traditional resorts like Gumbet and
Turgutreis offer charming surroundings at bargain prices.

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Property Bodrum is a top choice for an international property destination because they have all
the right ingredients. If you want to invest in Bodrum, get in touch with real estate agents who
can help find great deals and show you around

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