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4 Key Measurements of Investing in Rural Areas

4 Key Measurements of Investing in Rural Areas

Prices of property Turkey , changes from city to city but rural areas generally much more cheaper. But this does not mean their profit will be less.
Government in Turkey has created a lot of incentive programs to reduce the big differences of population between rural areas and cities. If you are not a turkish citizen you may not be eligible for these incentives. But if you are going be beneficial for the area you decide to invest, municipality will help you as much as they can.
When we think about a rural area what you picture in mind can be a small village with no electricity or running water but that won't be the case for your investment. There are many ways you can make money from your investment in rural areas. 


Because of the rising amount of offices and people who work with computers, people rarely get to see the nature. Because of work stress and lack of movement, people especially milennialls want to go on a vacation on the rural areas in these days. Eco tourism is usually forms itself as a small farm with small vegetable gardens and few animals.
For this option you got to make sure your invesment is not very far away from the city so that people who work on weekdays can come to your place on the weekends.


Even if you are not someone who has a knowledge about agriculture, you can rent the land you invested. Not just to a farmer but to city people as well. Like said, because people rarely get to see earth, this craving created a new line of hobby which is hobby gardening. This hobby will make your investment an easy profit.


Aegean, Black Sea, Marmara and Mediterranean regions are all bordered by seas. And those seas makes these four regions a popular touristic locations. If you can manage to get a small house maybe even a bungalow, you can make a sustainable investment.


What's good about rural areas that it is usually cheaper as a land. So if you have the budget you can decide what you want to invest whether it is over time or immediately. If you have a good budget and you have time and if your choice of invesment preferrebly near a landscape, sea or a lake, you can build a hotel or something smaller like hostel. This would be a definite and sustainable investment. But if you have a smaller budget you can still put a small house or a small farm in there. Which is also a really rational investment decision.

Turkey's almost every rural area has access to most things cities do. So you don't need to be scared.

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