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What are the procedures to buy a property online in Turkey?

What are the procedures to buy a property online in Turkey?

Advantages of buying properties online in Turkey.

After the circumstances which are beyond the control, the flights canceled due to the situations but the investors always look for the best time to invest, so in Turkey due to the situations the USD dollar increased but when the situations will be back as it was the ₺ (Turkish Lira) will increase again, it is the best time to invest while dollar is increased.  So, the solution for the investors who are abroad is to buy online. Even the investors or buyers can book the properties online and when they come to Turkey they can continue the procedures if needed or they can finish all the procedures while they are home.

Nowadays foreigners use to buy a property for living or investing in Turkey and they use to get in contact with perfect real estate companies to fulfill their needs in the best way, such as calling them and inquiring about the properties they need and following with them every details, and when they are ready to buy, there will be a planning to come to Turkey, and taking tours to the projects they want to buy from. So, we got a solution for the investors or buyers to stay at their home and buy the property they want online. Online sales will save for the investors or buyers their time and money which are important for them. By buying properties online we can take advantage of so many things, when the currencies are low we can buy at that time because the currencies are not stable.

Is buying properties online safe in Turkey?

Naturally people don’t trust in online marketing but as we can see 40-75% of the sales are being online. So, in real estate world online sales are new, so the safety of buying properties online in Turkey is, the investors or buyers will check up all the details of the properties they want to buy and online video call will be provided to make sure that the properties are the same what the sales mangers presented to them. As there will be a lawyer provided for them to make sure everything is legal. The lawyer will be provided from the beginning of the procedure, investors or buyers can be sure that their buying procedure are safe from spams and frauds.

The documents needed to buy properties online.

Buying properties online does not require lot of documents, before deciding to buy a property it has to be checked that the company does exist or not because unfortunately there are clients who have been through spams or frauds. So, the best way to check the authenticity of the company you contact with is by checking the embassy or consulate in your country. As we mentioned before the lawyer that the company has to provide will make the legal documents and papers which can be checked in the embassy or consulate.

The procedure of buying or booking the property.

When the investor or buyer is ready to buy or book the property, the following procedures will take place. After checking the properties with the company’s team members and decided to look for the properties, the sales representative will continue with the clients as if they are present with them, by online video, presenting the districts, hospitals, shopping malls, international schools and the social activities near the project. Sales representative will present the project from the beginning, such as model of the project and the project from outside and inside to make sure the project is as they explained to the clients. The next step will be about the payment which is important for the clients.

So, the best option for the clients is booking, most of the developers offer booking with refundable option which will give the clients option of cancelling their bookings if they changed their plan, booking will be at least 5% from the price and if it the client is decided to buy the property he will be with two options to pay cash or to pay in installments which will be officially paid to the construction company’s bank account. The next step is “Title deed”. Clients can visit embassies or consulates in their countries and make a P.O.A (power of attorney) to the sales representative to buy the property on behalf of the clients or they can get their title deeds when they visit Turkey.

The final step after finishing the procedure of payments the title deed will be ready to use, in this situation the clients can take advantage of time and invest in their properties from home by renting and earning money till they come to Turkey without wasting time.

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