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Ultimate Handbook To Choose The Best Luxury Property For Sale In Bodrum

Ultimate Handbook To Choose The Best Luxury Property For Sale In Bodrum

Your handbook to choose the best luxury property for sale in Bodrum is here. In recent times, real estate market in Turkey has gotten bigger and much profitable. Which is why people from outside this region are showing more interest in investing here. And due to the simplification of the Turkish law, you can now get a residency permit here just by investing. So, if you are planning to move abroad, Bodrum hold promising advantages as well as opportunities for you.

Why get luxury property for sale in Bodrum, Turkey?


Mix cultural background

The cultural background here is the biggest advantage. If you are planning on moving abroad then Turkey would be the easiest place to get accommodate with. Because of their mixed background, people from any region here feel welcome. You can find individuals of different religions and beliefs as easily as anything. So, you won’t feel left out here.

Comfortable climate condition

Weather can also become a reason to move here. Turkey has all four seasons, so you won’t freeze or only sweat through your cloths here. The oceanic climate is something to enjoy throughout the year at the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Thus, if you are bored with the constancy, choose luxury property for sale in Bodrum as your next address.

Advantage of having dual passport

Having a Turkish passport is highly beneficial for transportation purposes. After becoming a Turkish citizen, you will be grant access to 117 countries without visa. Plus, you will be granted entry through the border way in some countries. It will become especially helpful if your job role depends on travelling or if you have a wonderlust.

Constant growth of the country

As said above, Turkey is a growing country and it is developing rapidly. And because of that, major changes is happening. From modern infrastructure to the growth of market value, you will get the chance to live in a cutting-edge country.

That’s not it, Turkey is also known to have the most advanced healthcare industry of the world. There is almost all kind of advanced medical technologies and instruments present here to provide top-notch treatment for all diseases. The doctors here are also highly trained in their fields.

Marvellous cuisine at every corner

If you are a foodie, then Bodrum is something you should not miss. The food here is drastically influenced by the cultural variation. Dishes here are something your taste buds have not tasted yet. You will also find almost every kind of vegetables and fruits here. Hence, it will be almost hard to feel homesick in Turkey.

Cheap but grand lifestyle

One of the best reason to move here. If you have been living in the European region, then Bodrum will be very cost-efficient for you. Everything here is comparatively half the price than you are used to pay. Even the properties here are very low cost but just as beautiful. From property tax, bills, service cost, groceries everything is cheap here.

After this many advantages, you cannot afford to miss the chance of living here. And if you have made up your mind to move out, we will also provide you with a step-by-step guide to choose the best luxury property for sale in Bodrum.

Best realtor for the job

The first and most important thing to do is choosing a good realtor. They will make the buying process half easy. But make sure to choose an authentic agency and not just from the first website you see online. Ask as many questions about the properties they have to offer along with their dealing process. A good agency will answer all without ignoring anything.

Compare and negotiate prices

Once you have settle on some properties, it’s time to fix a price. And to get the best in the budget, comparing prices always helps. Talk to more than one realtor and find out their best offer and choose the cheapest one. Upon selection, you can also bargain with the seller for more price reduction.

Inspect and detect

The property you have selected needs to be inspected before you buy it, especially if you live abroad. Many agencies try to make a sell over the phone, but don’t fall under that trap. You need to check the property yourself to detect any flaws. For identifying internal damage, a professional home inspector is needed. If they could find some damage, it can be used as a leverage to lessen the price too. So, it will be a win-win situation for you.

Choose a high-demanding area

Try to choose the luxury property for sale in Bodrum in a high-demanding area. There are some areas in Turkey which rises in value with the growth of market value. And getting even a small apartment here will be beneficial in near future. Even though, houses here won’t be cheap but with little investment you can ensure big profit throughout the time to come.

Always choose a reputed location

The location will play a vital role when selecting a property, either for investment or to live in. A reputed location will always help you get tenants or buyers if you want to income profit. Make sure that the location has all the important public amenities such as transportation, malls, parks, market etc. Plus, to ensure your safety, learn if the surrounding has any history of criminal activities. And if the police is quick to respond in this area.

Villas are best to invest in

Villas are always a better option to invest in. From a business perspective, you will surely gain profit as villas rises in value. And with little alterations, the price can be hiked up even more. Villas are grand and have enough space to make changes for future planning. You can also get buyer and tenants easily without marketing. So, when want assure returns, villa is amongst the best luxury property for sale in Istanbul.

Be safe from legal hardship

Properties are bound to have some governmental entitlement if the taxes are not paid off. Such hassle can be due to outstanding dues. The military department of Turkey own some land of the country and which you cannot own without their permission. So, even if the seller have sold you the property, you will not have the ownership until you gather the permission certificate. NOC is also important to have. Be sure that the property have cleared all the taxes and the seller have presented you the clearance certificate.

Hire a legal professional

Hiring a lawyer isn’t necessary but helpful. Before signing the deeds you need to show it to your lawyer. He or she can identify and detect flaws or loopholes that could cause you legal hardship. Realtors are supposed to help you with these stuff but having your own backup will go a long way.

What to keep in mind when buying a property?

  • Don’t rush the buying process.
  • Always make sure to have clarity from the owner.
  • Hire only experienced and professional people to do the job.
  • Make plans for the future before buying luxury property for sale in Istanbul.
  • To register for the residency permit, you’ll have to buy a property worth at least $250,00.
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