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Turkish Citizenship should be reduced 300.000 USD

Turkish Citizenship should be reduced 300.000 USD

 Turkish Citizenship Should be Reduced to 300.000 USD

The "Uludag Economic Summit" organized by the CAPITAL and Economist magazines for the 7th time was called "the future of the real estate". It was spoken about the government's work on the price of the house that foreigners must purchase to obtain citizenship. Instead 1 million dollars, the price is planned to be 300 thousand dollars.

Particularly, the participants, who stated that granting citizenship right of foreigner who is a residence owner, should be reduced to 300 thousand dolars from 1 million dollars, said that the increase in residential sales will come to the fore. About the subject, GYODER Chairman Feyzullah Yetgin said: "We have expectations about the number. It would be better if it landed at $ 300,000. Title deed transactions in the sale of foreigners need to accelerate. This is a process that is conducted in the same environment as the refugees. In terms of 2023 objectives, there is a great deal of work on the industry. There is a benefit to working on incentives.”

Yusuf Boz, general manager of PropertyTR company, commented on the panel after a nice panel of leading companies in the sale of foreign housing. Boz stated that he agrees in the panel's content and in commentations of the speakers, saying "Increasing the sale of foreign housing will contribute to both the construction companies and the economy of our country. One of the most important tools of this is the real estate sector. For this reason we have to transfer the perception correctly in order to be able to address foreigners more. Decreasing the price of housing required for citizenship, the beautiful presentation of our country and our optimistic, hospitable features should be conveyed in the most accurate way.” Indicating that the housing sales to foreigners continued rising with each passing month than the previous month, Mr. Boz drew attention to Turkey's position relative to other countries in life, peace etc and that their efforts to promote Turkey to the world in the best way are continuing at a rapid pace.

Lastly,  Mr Boz added ; "The sector that started to work with cooperatives in the 2000s has become one to build 5,000 housing projects today. The year 2017 was the record year. Housing sales reached 1.4 million units. 650 thousand units were realized as first-hand residences. Despite rising interest rates, 2017 was the record year. Waiting for a record every year would be unfair "

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