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Turkey’s longest tunnel “Ovit” was opened

Turkey’s longest tunnel “Ovit” was opened

Turkey's longest tunnel “Ovit” was opened

Ovit Tunnel, which was included in the 1880 Development Plan of the Ottoman Empire, was opened to service with the participation of President Erdogan.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was greeted enthusiastically by the opening of Ovit Tunnel and his hometown where his party came to Rize rally.

President Erdogan said in his speech at the opening of Ovit Tunnel: "My dear brothers, Ovit is not a parade. This passage has a strategic pre-requisite for its position at the same time. It was necessary to go 11 km before the Ovit Passage opened and 10 km after climbing. Some said you’re dreaming, are we? Finally finished? It’s become real thanks to Allah.

The headlines from Erdogan's speech are as follows:

"Trade will advance"

This winter the Ovit Tunnel never closed. We are presenting the tunnels we started in 2012 today. Trade will also develop for the Black Sea ports as time between destination has decreased. We are making this opening on the selection arena. Are there elections on June 24th? The opening story of Ovit Tunnel and the development story of our country are the same.

The opposition is in the streets is drewing the longbow. Menderes and his friends started the attack of development, however their roads were interrupted by CHP. These are the ones who executed Menderes, then call democracy. Özal made a new move and then we came to 2002 and the real move started. We’re dead set on our ways, not afraid of any obstacles as we are walking with our people.

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