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Turkey taking the lead in increased housing prices!

Turkey taking the lead in increased housing prices!

According to a survey covering 39 countries between 2010 and 2017, Turkey has become the country house prices rose the most.

Ajans Press, the pioneer of media follow-up, investigated the research on housing price increases in the world. According to the information compiled by Press Agency, Turkey with 106.8 percent, has become the country which house prices rose the most. Following Turkey, Brazil ranked second with 94.7 percent price increase and Iceland third with 82.2 percent increase.

The other 10 countries are; Estonia with 72.9 percent, Sweden with 56.5 percent, Israel with 56.4 percent, Canada with 54.3 percent, China with 49.2 percent, Austria with 48.8 percent, and Indonesia with 47.2 percent.


Housing prices and the title of the real estate under the heading of the news reflected in the media became certain. According to the survey, 63 thousand 923 news out of the real estate title was detected in the past year. The research reveals the high growth performance experienced in housing prices in recent years and it is seen that data are based on 39 countries between 2010 and 2017. The average price increase in the OECD countries for the 7-year period was 24.7 percent, while in the euro area it was 6.7 percent. In the period under examination, based upon 106.8 percent as of the rise in housing sales prices in Turkey rise in housing prices in the OECD 4, it revealed the fold of the 16 eurozone. Apart from this, it was seen that Estonia got the first place among the 39 countries by the increase of 123.1 percent when the rented house prices were taken into consideration. While Lithuania taking the second place with 75.6 percent, with 58,5 percent increase Turkey took the third place.

It was noted that housing prices increased in 34 of the 39 countries in the report, while in only 5 countries housing prices fell. Greece, with 37.3 percent, was the country with the lowest housing prices. Other countries that have dropped in price after Greece; Spain with 17.4 percent, Italy with 15 percent, Russia with 11.5 percent and Slovenia with 4.8 percent.

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