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Top Benefits to Invest in Fatih District in Istanbul

28 September 2021
Top Benefits to Invest in Fatih District in Istanbul

The Fatih district of Istanbul is directly located in the center of the city and it is one of the most visited districts in the city at the same time. While Fatih has a perfect location it also hosts impressive touristic attractions and historical places as well. The activities that you will be able to do are countless! The special atmosphere of the district is also preferred by the investigators in recent years. The property options in the district are diverse and it is the right time to invest in Fatih! When you know about the advantages of investing in Fatih, you will want to know about the district more. Let’s look at every detail of the special district Fatih!

Magnificent Tourist Attractions

The stunning historical and special places of the Fatih district always take the attraction of both tourists and the local people every year. You will be able to find traces of the history and the civilizations that lived in the district before. Fatih provides a rich history and magnificent places for those who would like to visit it. You can see some of the most visited places in the district below.


  1. Hagia Sophia Museum & Mosque
  2. Sultanahmet Area
  3. Sultan Ahmet Mosque
  4. Topkapi Palace Museum
  5. Basilica Cistern
  6. Grand Bazaar
  7. Spice Bazaar
  8. Eminonu Area
  9. The Fatih Mosque
  10. The Fatih Market
  11. Suleymaniye Mosque

Most Known Restaurants & Turkish Cuisine - Invest in Fatih

Most Known Restaurants & Turkish Cuisine – Invest in Fatih

Fatih provides you to discover Turkish cuisine in the most famous places in the district. You will be able to learn more about Turkish cuisine and discover the street food culture at the same time. The well-known restaurants are located in Fatih and you can explore the traditional restaurants and cafés. In addition to that, the Fatih district is appealing to everyone and every budget. You can find many different types of food which belong to both Turkish cuisine and World cuisine at the same time.

Shopping Options in Fatih, Istanbul

While the shopping options are limitless, there are some places that tourists always would like to visit. Are you ready to know more about the shopping option in Fatih? Let’s look at the most known places in the district for shopping!

  1. Grand Bazaar

Be ready to discover more than 4.000 shops in the traditional and historical Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. You will never leave the Grand Bazaar because it has an extremely unique atmosphere. There are various shops which you can find many different things!

  1. Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar is also a historical and traditional marketplace of the city. You will be able to find thousands of spices, flower seeds, and traditional Turkish food in the Bazaar!

  1. The Fatih Market

Every Wednesday, you will be able to visit the Fatih Market in the district! The Fatih Market is located extremely close to the Fatih Mosque. You can start to visit the market in the morning until the evening every Wednesday!

Advantages of Investing in Fatih

When you would like to buy a property or buy real estate in the Fatih district, you are going to have many different advantages. The limitless benefits of the district take the attraction of the investigators from different countries every year. Especially, in recent years, the investments in Fatih were raised fast. If you would like to know the advantages of buying a property or real estate in the district, you will be able to see some of the benefits below. There are also countless advantages of investing in Fatih, Istanbul as well. Let’s look at some of them!

Advantages of Invest in Fatih

  • The Fatih district is one of the most preferred areas for investigators. If you would like to make a profit in a few years, you can prefer to buy a property in Fatih, Istanbul.
  • There are various projects that you will be able to find and invest in the district.
  • The impressive history and culture make the district more special because the top-visited tourist attractions are located in the Fatih district.
  • The perfect location of Fatih offers an amazing public transportation option. You will be able to reach every area in Istanbul from the Fatih district.
  • If you would like to buy real estate in Fatih, Istanbul, it will be a perfect investment for the future. In addition to that, you can also prefer to live in the real estate that you are going to buy because the Fatih district appeals to everyone.


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