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Tips To Buy Ready Property For Sale In Istanbul With Profit

3 February 2021
Tips To Buy Ready Property For Sale In Istanbul With Profit

Because of the simplification of Turkish real estate regulations, you can now get residency permit just by buying ready property for sale in Istanbul. But the property must worth at least $250,000 to grant your permit registration. That seems like an offer not to miss because Turkey is now one of the fastest developed country of this time. From the growth of real estate market to having advanced infrastructure, everything is happening here. Hence, not a bad place to invest or even start a new life at.

Here are the many reason to choose Istanbul or Turkey:

  • You get to have the Turkish passport, which is kind of valuable in terms of travelling. With a Turkish passport, you can travel visa-free in 117 countries. And that’s not all, border entry is also granted with this passport.
  • Because of the rise of real estate market value, many international projects are happening here. Which means, new job roles are opening up. So, for a better career opportunity Istanbul will be perfect place to settle down.
  • The properties here are newly built. From apartment, small flats, residential places to villas, most of the properties are still unused for their first buyers. Hence, if you are not fond of second-hand properties, Istanbul has many good condition places to offer.
  • The weather conditions is also something to enjoy in Turkey. All four seasons are present here. And on the Mediterranean region, you can enjoy the oceanic climate all throughout the year. Plus, the ready property for sale in Istanbul are build with heat resistant material, so that you can be comfortable in summertime as well.
  • For foodies, Turkey is an absolute heaven. Because of the mix cultural background food here is vastly diverse. You can find any kind of cuisine at the side of the road or in a top-notch restaurant easily.

But you cannot just go up and invest one anywhere, you need to plan properly. Though, the estates here are plenty and most of it is vacant, initially some market knowledge is mandatory. And we are here to lend some of ours.

Proper steps to invest in real estate market to gain profit…

Hire an experienced realtor for best ready property for sale in Istanbul

Having the backup of an experienced professional is vital when investing in foreign land. Because you don’t know anything about how the market works or the process of purchasing, you’ll need the help of a good realtor. There are plenty agencies online but not all are genuine. So make good choices upon hiring an agent. You can ask them about their working process, how many properties they have and every detail of buying process to ensure of their authenticity.

Giving attention to location

When choosing ready property for sale in Istanbul, be sure that you are also checking out good location. Why is location vital? Well some locations holds more value than other areas. And these places increases in price from time to time. Thus, if you manage to get your hand on such location, you can gain more profit at the time of reselling.

Invest in a villa for safety

If you have little budget to work with then villas are also a safe bet. Villas also rises in value and have plenty of other advantages as well. For example, if you are planning to move here with your family, villa is the perfect choice because of all the spare space it has. You can make alterations for future need once you are planning to make your family bigger. Or you can make profit by selling the property at a hike up price.

Earn by renting

Rental property are very famous in Turkey. Because people often come here in order to change their scenarios for a temporary time. Hence, you will not fall short on the list of tenants with great offer. Although, take more precautions before giving it to rent. This is a best step for when you don’t want to move right away and make sure your property is safe.

Make it into a holiday home

Turkey is one of the most visited countries by tourist, making it the idea of having a holiday home there perfect. If you manage to get a ready property for sale in Istanbul near a famous tourist spot then you can fix a hefty amount for the tenants. The best thing is, Istanbul has tourist almost all throughout the year this, means no shortage of temporary buyers.

Here was some of the ways you can guarantee profit by investing in Istanbul. But to make a safe purchase, some initial steps are important.

Fix an inspection date before buying

It is very important to look at the property by yourself before you buy it. Your agency will do it for you if they are genuine. Upon inspection you need to detect whether the property is damaged internally, if the pipe line works and if all the important amenities present. A professional home inspector can do all these inspection for you and give their expert assessment. Ergo, getting someone like that can be beneficial.

Ask the seller to provide all the important paperwork

A property is subject to legal entitlements of some sort. Thus, if you don’t want to face any kind of legal hardship make sure that it has clearance certificates from governmental authorities. For example, if the seller have not paid off the taxes properly, you cannot own the place legally. Or if the place is near any kind of military property, establishment you will have to get a permission certificate from authorities before buying. These are vital tasks to get over with to avoid legal problems.

Learn more about the surrounding

The surroundings of your property will play a vital role for your investment purposes as well as when you want to move here. From business perspective, an apartment which is surrounded by social amenities will be noticed more promptly to the buyers. So make sure that it is near public transportation, busy streets etc.

And for residential ready property for sale in Istanbul, the neighbourhood should have good reputation and be safe for your family. Talk to the locals in order to know, if the area have faced any criminal activities or if the police are fast responsive here or not. Also check if all the public commodities are nearby.

Make reservations

Once you have selected the best apartment or villa for you, make sure to reserve it quickly to get it off the market. Because as soon as the next best offer comes, the seller may change their mind. You will have to pay an advance to reserve the property that will not be refundable. Thus, the seller will be not liable to refund you if your mind changes.

Get your own lawyer

Having a lawyer to back you up for the signing procedure is not necessary but helpful. Because buying properties, especially in foreign land is a legal process, having a lawyer to look at the deeds is helpful to understand the clauses. They can make sure that all the vital information and details are there and it doesn’t include any clause or loopholes to trick you. Plus, they can give you advice upon purchasing ready property for sale in Istanbul. All in all, a safe bet to make.


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