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Simple Tips To Invest In A Turkey Real Estate

2 February 2021
Simple Tips To Invest In A Turkey Real Estate

Investing in a Turkey property has become very easy with new regulations and laws issued by the country. Validation for citizenship at purchasing a property in Turkey is a more attractive offer. The rate of foreign investment is strikingly higher than the previous ten years. In such a condition, why won't your heart leap for buying a stunning property in Turkey? But hold on for a second! In this rush for a turkish nationality, you might stumble upon a damaged or imperfect property. Do not allow yourself that hurry. Take your time. Play easy, play smooth. Look for some fundamental aspects in property and seal the deal finally.

Unavoidable Aspects Of A Turkish Property

In Turkey, purchasing a property is a smooth process. Therefore, you do not need much time to buy apartment in İstanbul. But applying for a loan, getting sanction for it, contacting a real estate agent, finding a desirable property take significant time. Therefore, you should always grant yourself extra time to go for private turkish property or a commercial one. Both the properties have some salient features that don't match with each other. In personal property, you must look for:

  • Locality
  • Transport
  • Safety
  • Availability of water and electricity
  • The distance of the market from the property

When you search for "apartments for sale," these are some common factors that keep stapled on your mind. When it comes to commercial real estate, the boundary becomes broader. You have to look for:

  • The present and future possibilities of the area
  • Other similar enterprises in the area
  • Availability of water and electricity

  • The connection with the main routes of the city
  • Temperature
  • Government's future projects in the area

To buy apartment in Turkey for commercial purposes demands similar criteria. However, there are other essential aspects of commercial and personal property That we will discuss throughout the article.

Learn How To Make Your Turkey Property Beneficial

Q1. Which industry should I invest in for a continuous income flow?

Ans. Two industries are affluent in Turkey. Your turkish property for the hotel industry or the healthcare industry would be perfect. Both industries are expecting considerable revenue by 2023.

Q2. If my property does fit neither hotel nor the healthcare industry, what is the next probable market?

Ans. You can rent your property to corporates. As an industrial hub, Turkey needs huge corporate buildings. If you are purchasing apartments for sale in istanbul, this is a cool idea. Also, you can rent your property to private tenants. An uninterrupted income flow generates by renting your property to a private tenant.

Q3. Will the bank agree if I intend to turn my personal property into a commercial one?

Ans. Banks in Turkey are concerned about your consistency of loan payment. A real estate Turkey for commercial purposes generates regular revenue. The bank will readily agree to such a proposal. Once you turn your personal property into a commercial one, the chances of paying a loan increase.

Q4. How to negotiate the price with a seller?

Ans. While you're buying a property İstanbuls, price negotiation is an essential thing. A dedicated real estate partner like Property.com can help you in such cases. By evaluating your property's actual value, the agents offer a fair price to the seller. To grab a beautiful property at a reasonable price, you have to take the assistance of a real restart agent.

Q5. How to apply for a bank loan before buying a Turkey property?

Ans. Application of a bank loan is a time taking process. The bank will verify all your documents. Your income statement, last five years' bank statement; everything is a part of this list. Once you are eligible for the loan, it will take 15 days to sanction your amount. If your desired amount is not approved, you have to reapply for the loan.

Q6. Is it true that I get access to turkish nationality by purchasing a property in Turkey?

Ans. Yes, it's true, like daylight. No matter how dreamlike it sounds, you get a citizenship license by purchasing a property in Turkey. Both the commercial and personal property gives you this unique opportunity with a turkish property.

Do Not Forget These Essential Factors

Q1. How to evaluate my turkish property?

Ans. Evaluating your Turkish property is vital for the sanctioning of a loan amount. An expert real estate agent, can help you with this process. The property comes with several future possibilities. The valuation of the real estate strictly depends on the number of opportunities that property stores for the future.

Q2. Do I need a lawyer at the first step of purchasing a property?

Ans. You need a lawyer, usually at the last stage of purchasing a property. When you buy apartment in İstanbul, at first, you need a trusted real estate agent. Once your deal with a real estate agent is final, he/she will shoulder the rest. Loan sanctioning, hiring a lawyer; everything is their responsibility.

Q3. Where do I find the best deal at the commercial property?

Ans. There are spacious apartments for sale. Among those, you have to find the most suitable for you. A dedicated real estate agent can guide you through this.

Q4. What are the legal papers that I have to consider before I buy apartment in Turkey?

Ans. Title report of a Turkey property, NOC from Bank, building approval certificate are essential papers before you buy apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Find The Best Deal In Short Time

When you go for a real estate Turkey, the target for a short time, the faster your process be, the less money it causes. Therefore, you should opt for a real estate agent who will bring you the best deal at an arm's length. Without spending much time in choosing a property, you can invest your time and energy in mortgage and other necessary process. Your property İstanbuls should carry all legal documents for a fair transaction. Lay your trust on a dedicated professional's shoulder.


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