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Rivals panicked due to 3rd Airport of Istanbul

Rivals panicked due to 3rd Airport of Istanbul

Rivals panicked due to 3rd Airport of Istanbul
As it’s the world’s largest project right now, The Istanbul Airport caused other major airports in Europe to increase competition measures.
The Istanbul New Airport, which is planned to be opened on 29 October and will be the world's largest airport when it is finished, has been a project that made a sound effect in the world public opinion.

The newest Airport, a project that will affect not only the Istanbul airspace but also the European airspace, is closely followed by Europe.
One of the most striking writings about Istanbul’s 3rd but largest Airport Project in the German media was in the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The newspaper commented that when the Istanbul New Airport opened, Frankfurt Airport would be greatly reduced in importance.
In this context, it is seen that some big airports have taken new measures or made measures more frequent.
Heathrow Airport in London has begun work on capacity building and announced the decision to build the third runway at the airport.
Frankfurt Airport also aims to include a third terminal until 2023. However, it was recently suggested that the completion of the G department of Terminal 3 would take 3 years ahead and be completed in 2020.

"Section G of Terminal 3 is carried out 3 years before the program"
Fraport's Infrastructure and Terminal 3 Project Spokesman of Frankfurt Airport, Christian Engel who is also in charge of explaining the AA correspondent on the subject, confirmed his claim that the completion of the G department of the 3rd terminal was advanced for 3 years.
Engel said that the first phase of the construction of Terminal 3, which includes the H and J segments and is designed to provide capacity for 14 million passengers, continues as planned. "This first part of Terminal 3, our opening of our premium product, is still planned in 2023” he continued his words.
Engel said Fraport decided to speed up the construction of the G department, which focuses on the low-priced segment in response to high passenger growth. "The G Department has been envisaged as the second stage in the construction of the new Terminal 3, but now it is 3 years ahead of schedule. Based on the existing plans, the first construction phase of Section G will be completed in 2020. "
"The early opening of the G Division is a decision to increase the number of passengers at Frankfurt Airport," Engel stated, also stressing that the entire expansion project at Terminal 3 is a strategic decision to maintain its position as one of Frankfurt's premier European hubs.
Istanbul’s Newest Airport

Istanbul’s 3rd Airport, which is the world's largest airport project from scratch, will have an annual capacity of exactly 200 million passengers when all phases are completed.
Making flying to more than 350 destinations possible, the 3rd Airport has already managed to draw attension with its 143 passenger boarding bridges, 13 check-in islands, 468 counters, 114 self check-ins, 228 passport check points, 51 luggage delivery units and e-passport entries.

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