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Is It Possible To Get Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage?

11 January 2020
Is It Possible To Get Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage?

In the article, you can reach the question of how you can become a Turkish citizen through marriage. You can get Turkish citizenship through grandparent or family, as well as citizenship through marriage.

Turkish citizenship can easily be gained through marriage. However, there are some conditions created by this situation.  Within the scope of the laws on Turkish citizenship, the conditions for becoming a Turkish citizen through marriage are explained in the article. Rules for being Turkish citizenship are organized under the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Because of this reason, you should carefully monitor any changes to the law.

How Foreigners Become Turkish Citizen?

Apart from marriage, there are many ways of becoming a Turkish citizen of foreigners, opening a business, etc. You can apply for citizenship after you have met the necessary conditions to become a Turkish citizen. The general application requirements for Turkish citizenship are as follows;

– To be an adult,

– Maximum 6 months as provided in separate, at least 5 years in Turkey to have resided.

– Not having any physical or mental health problems,

– To have a clean record before the law.

– To know and speak Turkish at a basic level.

– Stay married for 3 years with a Turkish citizen.

The Conditions of Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

In the years when the country of the Republic of Turkey established, it was possible to get Turkish citizenship, a foreign woman should have married with the man which is a Turkish citizen. After the concept of equality between women and men, this situation became valid for both genders.

Previously, there were even provisions in the law concerning the woman's loss of citizenship by marrying a foreign husband. This inequality came to an end with the European citizenship agreement. All European countries ratifying this agreement confirms that individuals who marry foreigners will not lose their citizenship.

However, there are also some restrictions and laws for those who prefer a false marriage to change citizenship through marriage. In order to prevent this situation, many countries have made arrangements in their own constitution.

According to the provisions of the Turkish Constitution of 1964; it is stated that only foreign women who marry Turkish citizens can acquire Turkish citizenship. Accordingly, if foreign men married Turkish women, they could not be Turkish citizens under the Turkish constitution legislation and provisions. This discriminatory law was amended by the new law with the regulations on Turkish citizenship. Thus, anyone who marries a Turkish citizen can become a Turkish citizen regardless of gender under certain terms and conditions.

If we summarize the marriage for Turkish citizenship conditions as follows;

– Spouses should be in family unity.

– The behaviors and jobs that disrupt family unity should be avoided during the marriage.

– Actions against national security and unity should not be carried out.

– The spouse who wants to be a Turkish citizen must be married for 3 years.

Once you meet all these criteria, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. You can apply for citizenship to the Population Department. After marrying a Turkish citizen, you can go to the governor's office in your city and apply for Turkish citizenship.

Exceptional Situations of Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

However, if your spouse dies after becoming a Turkish citizen, from the above conditions, the condition of "ensuring family unity" is canceled. If you qualify for Turkish citizenship, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

If you have obtained your Turkish citizenship through marriage and request a divorce from your Turkish partner for any reason, your citizenship will continue. The termination of the marriage contract does not affect your Turkish citizenship. There are exceptions to being a Turkish citizen with marriage. National security and those who threaten public order, Turkey and the establishment of the proposed approval of the ministry of the Republic of Turkey can qualify for citizenship. Science, social, technological or cultural meaning to Turkey largely immigrant contributors, they can be a Turkish citizen with the condition to serve in these areas.

You can qualify for Turkish citizenship if you are married for at least 3 years. However, you can apply for Turkish citizenship at any time after you have the right to become a Turkish citizen. This is at your discretion. You can apply for Turkish citizenship on the first day or after 5 years. If your spouse, who is a Turkish citizen, dies before you apply for Turkish citizenship, your right to apply for Turkish citizenship will continue.

In order to become a Turkish citizen, we mentioned the condition of staying married for 3 years. If you want to be a Turkish citizen, this 3-year period turkey, you do not need to fill. You can also live abroad if you meet the requirements for family unity and solidarity.

The Documents Required To Become a Citizen of Turkey through Marriage

In order to become a Turkish citizen through marriage, the necessary documents should be collected carefully as specified in the law and no documents should be omitted. Once you have met the conditions for becoming a Turkish citizen through marriage, you must complete the following documents.

  • You must complete the application form for Turkish citizenship.
  • A copy of your Turkish partner's birth certificate is required.
  • A notarized copy of your passport translated into English is required.
  • A notarized photocopy of the birth certificate of a foreign person in Turkish.
  • Original and photocopy of the marriage certificate.
  • Original residence permit of a foreign person who has been living in Turkey.
  • A document showing that the spouses live in family unity such as the lease of a house, bank accounts, etc.
  • Biometric photo (taken within the last 6 months)
  • If a Turkish citizen has a court decision for any offense, a notarized copy is required.
  • Document showing that the service fee for the Turkish citizenship application has been paid.


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