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How is the Process of Property Purchase and Sale Working in Turkey?

How is the Process of Property Purchase and Sale Working in Turkey?

You have been searching for a place for your investment. Or you have hired someone else to search for the property you wanted from Turkey's real estate market. But how does the property purchase process continue?


1. Deposit

After you found the property you want to buy, you give to the owner about 10% of the total price of the property. So that they won't sell it anyone else. This sum is going to be written on the sales contract. For instance, you were searching for apartments for sale in turkey and after you find it you wanted to buy it. But you didn't pay the deposit yet. In these circumstances, the owner has the right to sell the house even though you said you were going to buy it.

2. Sales Contract

You made your deal with the owner of the property, you gave him the deposit and now it is time for the sales contract. For the contract, you will have to bring some papers and photographs. First requested thing is your passport pictures. You have to bring two of them and they have to be taken in the last six months. With the photographs, you will also bring your passport for using as an identity document. In this contract, there will be the information of collectively decided sales price, the date of the sale and the deposit, etc. 

3. Sworn Translator or an Attorney

If you can't speak Turkish you need a sworn translator. Documents in your passport will be translated if necessary. But if you are not at Turkey at the moment of transaction you would have to go to a notary at your own country and sign a document about you giving your certain rights to your attorney for him to continue the process. From that point, you won’t be needed for the process.

4. Military Approval

Military approval is the signed document that is given by the military. It is necessary for you and you have to get it otherwise you cannot get your title deed. Getting military approval means that your purchase was not a military zone area. 

5. Title Deed (Tapu) 


Tapu is the final step of all. After getting the military approval, the title deed will be ready in about a day. With the title deed, it will be legally proved that you are the new owner of that property. The title deed will have the information about your property like the measurements, the address, etc.

No matter what nationality you have, you cannot purchase more than thirty hectares of Turkish mainland even though they are in different cities.

If you commit that you won't sell the house you bought for at least three years, the Turkish Government would give you and your family residence permit if you request.

In addition, if you buy a house that is over 250.000$ you could become a Turkish citizen. (It used to be 1.000.000$ but it was reduced)

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