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Housing prices in Turkey continues to rise each and every year.

Housing prices in Turkey continues to rise each and every year.

Especially for those who want to invest in, the real estate sector provides great benefits. Housing prices in the last one year increased by 11.5 percent, while housing prices of Kanal Istanbul and Küçükçekmece increased by 18 percent.

Küçükçekmece projects showing much growth above the average in Turkey and Istanbul are being put on a life. After the canal Istanbul project's route and delivery year have been determined, the rise in housing prices continues unabated. PropertyTR General Manager Yusuf Boz said it’s been a 11.5 percent increase in housing prices occurred in Turkey, while 8 percent in Istanbul. However, Boz said that housing prices are also dependent on factors surrounding the housing market, and that the fictitious project, Kanal Istanbul, has led to an 18 percent increase in housing prices.

Yusuf Boz, General Manager of PropertyTR stated that there are new investment areas other than Istanbul. "Trabzon, Sakarya, Bursa and İzmir which become favorite cities due to the increase of prices in Istanbul, have now been chosen by both local and foreign investors. As a result of this mobility, housing prices in other cities started to rise due to demand increase." Boz said that in the upcoming periods these cities will compete with Istanbul in terms of housing prices.

Saying that according to the recent researches, the continued increase in contrast did not suffer a decrease in housing prices Mr. Boz stated: "We come to a conclusion based on the data obtained from the latest researches, while overall average 11.5 percent in Turkey, it’s 25 percent in Bursa, 18 percent and 8 percent in Istanbul, Izmir"

In the upcoming days, Yusuf Boz, General Manager of PropertyTR, who has ideas for those who want to invest his money, said that it is again time to buy a house in Istanbul as well. "When we deal with Istanbul, you can easily make profits by investing in each and every province of it. As a result of our company's researches, you can invest in Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Bağcılar and Kağıthane regions. By project delivery, you can make huge profits in short terms. You can also invest in the projects around developing, metro, metrobus, 3rd Airport and Channel Istanbul."

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