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Dutch Viewing The House in Turkey

16 October 2019
Dutch Viewing The House in Turkey

Dutch interest in Turkey is increasing every year. According to the survey the number of Dutch bought a house in Turkey it has increased significantly this year. Turkey is the first choice of those who want to invest in real estate with many advantages it offers. The Netherlands has an important place in home search statistics on the internet.

Why Turkey?

Why Turkey question is a subject search of foreign investors. Turkey is the preferred place of the people for many reasons. The Dutch follow these reasons closely. Some of these reasons are:

  • Linking Europe and Asia, Turkey has a very good geographic location. Geographical location and proximity to all countries are the reasons for preference.
  • Citizens of most countries to Turkey's climate remains fascinated.
  • Its natural and historical beauties arouse curiosity.
  • You can find houses cheaply with the difference in exchange rates.

Kuşadaşı, Bodrum And Didim The Choice Of The Dutch

Kuşadası, Bodrum and Didim are the first choice of Dutch people. Kuşadası is one of the tourism centers of Aydın. With the number of tourists in Kusadasi in the summer period, the population is approaching 2 million. It is one of the most preferred places of the Dutch with its beaches, national park and islands. People who come for a holiday like it and buy it home. Bodrum and Didim are the preferred places to invest in real estate with its magnificent beaches.

Things To Pay Attention

There is nothing to prevent the Dutch to take home in Turkey. But some issues need attention. Some of those:

  1. You should do extensive research. You need to do benchmark and price analysis.
  2. You should compare agents.
  3. You must prepare the necessary documents.
  4. It is a good idea to see where you want to buy a house in advance.


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