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Biggest Advantages And Mistakes When Buying Cheap Property For Sale In Istanbul Turkey

3 February 2021
Biggest Advantages And Mistakes When Buying Cheap Property For Sale In Istanbul Turkey

To get cheap property for sale in Istanbul Turkey, this is your high time. With the relaxation of the real estate law in Turkey and the constant rate of growth, you can gain profit in no time. But if you are looking for a permanent home here, then there also numerous lands to discover.

If it is your first time in investing real estate, then Turkey is the best place to start. Not only the properties are legitimate but you will surely put your investment at the right place. So here is the biggest advantages of investing in Turkey real estate…

Cheap property for sale in Istanbul Turkey

Because of the low exchange rate on Turkey, everything here is very cheap. And that includes real estate properties here. Most of the lands you will find here are in proper condition and some are more luxurious than any European apartments. But the price in comparison is almost half.

Why there are so many cheap property for sale in Istanbul Turkey? Because it is still a growing real estate ground. Regardless many international interest, you can still find world-class property here at a cheap rate. You can easily get a 3 bedroom villa in half price of an one-bedroom apartment of USA. You can also find almost anything at the a half rate. From properties, groceries, goods, clothes to bills, taxes everything is cheap.

Choose a reputed area for investment

The biggest advantage you can gain is by owing a apartment at an popular tourist location. Or you can also choose a high demanding area. The perks of this decision will be profitable to you in the future. These areas often raises in value as time goes by. So, if you decide to resale your property, you can gain a hefty amount of profit easily.

Mix cultural background

If you are planning on moving abroad than Turkey will the best destination for you. Due to the mix cultural background and population, you can easily settle here. People here are very friendly and accepting towards foreigners. So, you can make acquaintance and friends in no time. You also won’t feel the language barrier that much as most people here are bilingual.

Less worries to get residency permit

The Turkish government is very fond towards its international investors, which is why you can get a residence permit just by buying a property here. You won’t have to go through the extra mile like in the other European countries. After buying a property with a restricted title deed that prohibits to resale it in the next three years, you can easily register for the permit. And after a few months you can get your Turkish passport. But the cheap property for sale in Istanbul Turkey should worth at least $250,000.

Opportunity of getting a Turkish passport

Turkish passport alone have so many advantages to clear your confusion upon settling here. Holding a Turkish passport means, having the ease of traveling airways. You can travel to 110 countries visa-free and enter through boundary lines to some countries as well. Also, you will have the ability to hold dual citizenship as well as passport for 10 years. You can also renew the passport for lifetime.

Taste authentic and mouth-watering food

Turkish is also famous for its cuisines. No matter whichever you are in Turkey, you will be appalled with the taste variation in different parts here. Because of the mixture of cultural background, you can find you favourite taste in cuisine here. Plus, who can forget the delicious Turkish delight shown in the Narnia movie. And if you are a tea lover, you must try the special strong tea of Turkey. All in all, a heaven for foodies.

Along with these advantages of cheap property for sale in Istanbul Turkey, there are also some pitfalls that may occur due to lack of knowledge. But as long as you follow this guide, you should be safe from getting defrauded. Make sure that you avoid making these mistakes when buying real estates…

Choose an authorised real estate agency

When you live abroad, buying property in Turkey in initial stages can be done only online. That’s why, you need to make sure that it is an authorised site. Make sure to ask all kind of questions regarding the buying process. And learn if they offer an physical visitation of the property. A authentic agency will answer all you queries without ignoring anything.

Compare prices and negotiate

Never leave a chance to lessen the offer. The agency may present you with the best offer but you need to research the field a little bit and compare prices. Make sure to ask their best offer and then choose the one best suitable for you. You can lessen the price more by negotiation with the seller. You can easily get a profitable cheap property for sale in Istanbul Turkey with the right tactics.

Always make an appointment for inspection

You need to see the property for yourself before signing the deeds, especially when you live abroad. The place may have some internal damages or problems with the boundaries of the property. Upon physical inspection only, you can make sure that you won’t face any grave problems in future. Plus, if you are buying a residential property, make sure that all the important commodities are present. Such as, parks, schools, public transportation, malls etc. And for commercial area, make sure that the neighbourhood is crowded and good for business opportunities.

Check out the neighbourhood

If your agent is giving a offer too good to be true, sometimes it may be. If you have not find any problems with the property then that’s great, but make sure to learn about the neighbourhood too. Properties in a bad neighbourhood always sells out at the cheapest rate. That is why you need to learn about the neighbourhood near your place, if it is safe or not or if it’s crime prone.

Essential tips to follow for buying real estate in Turkey:

  • Make sure not to buy a property over a phone call. Some agencies will try to sell the deed over the phone but always inspect the property.
  • Hire a professional home inspector for the job. They will do a throughout inspection of the place, which you can’t do. And if they find any faults, you can use it as a cause to lessen the price.
  • Before signing the lease or the deed of the property, get a lawyer. Even though, the agent can look at the paperwork but they also work for the seller. So, having your own backup helps a lot.
  • Try to get a villa as they rise in value. Just by a little care, you can resale a villa in profitable amount.
  • Ask the seller if the property is clear of outstanding dues. Turkey has many lands under the control of  military departments. And if you end up buying a land which falls under outstanding dues, you may face legal problems.
  • Having the No Objection Certificate is also vital. You won’t be a legal owner of the property if you don’t hold the NOC documents from competent authorities.
  • Lastly, check properly for any loopholes in the deeds of cheap property for sale in Istanbul Turkey before signing.


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